FIFA, Brasil (2014)

You talk about hoop dreams but what happens when hoops are a foreign concept/ cause your government can't afford metal circles or pavement Pay men/ with machine guns to kill drug lords and pimps/ Corpses on the pavement with a metal circle in their chest making bodies limp Move me out of the ghetto My …

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

Special thanks to Chez Kevito for this amazing crop top! Check out her stuff at or's amazing!

Queen of Coachella

Romper crocheted by Maddy Miniesse. You can custom order her handmade halter tops, headbands, swimsuits, bags or rompers. The catch--she's only fifteen years old! Follow her Instagram page to see her work first hand!


You know that saying, “If you love someone, let them go?” Well for years I thought that meant physically, like if they wanted to move to a different country, or even mentally having to move on from someone. But yesterday, I realized that phrase most nearly means, “if you love someone, you let go of …