Who Ate Your Bowl of Sunshine?


IMG_8618 (1)

I’m 7 years old. My friend’s mother has just bought us matching dresses: one is yellow and the other is pink. I grab the yellow dress with two hands and big eyes because it looks like sunshine and it has pink flowers on the collar and it reminds me of summer. My friend’s mom wriggles the yellow dress from my hands and says, “You’re too yellow to wear yellow, Lauren. Wear this one,” and shoves the pink dress in my direction. I’m confused. I didn’t know that I was yellow, I thought that I was beige, like my mom had told me. My friend’s mom was nearly my skin color, so did that mean she couldn’t wear yellow either? I didn’t know that there were rules to this. I am heartbroken. I resign myself to the pink dress. I stop wearing yellow for sixteen years.

IMG_8610 (1)IMG_8616 (1)IMG_8614 (1)1519920033469

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