Heavenly Father


You should meet my dad

An artist not well known, but he paints with strokes that pastel across canvases as complex as the sky, feathering jewel tones in a technique so delicate it’s almost like the wind guides his brush—

He’s hilarious! A comedian, telling jokes that only an anteater would appreciate, about the length of a giraffes neck and centipedes that don’t quite measure up—I get it from him.

And he’s a great listener too, especially on days when my eyes brim with more tears than an entire ship’s crew could pail, enough sorrow knotting at the back of my throat, that I can’t even speak—he’ll still hear what I’m trying to say, offering advice that I used to dismiss, but now perk up just to hear his tone of his voice when he gives it…

When you meet a man who’s able to jumpstart your heart every morning with a shot of hormones so potent that your eyes bounce open as you jolt out of bed, it’s hard to be impressed at someone’s “heart skipping a beat”

When you meet a man who composes personal symphonies from the evening legs of crickets huddling in the corners of their orchestra pits and directs a chorale of cascading waves that lulls even the most restless souls to peace, it’s difficult to understand someone who can’t make time for you

When you meet a man who has held your heart, even as it pumped acid instead of blood, a time bomb leaking battery fluid all over the holes in his palms, asking him “will you still love me if I explode, will you still be here if I detonate, will still you hold me even if I self-destruct,” and the answer is always yes—when you meet a man like that, it’s impossible to feel special when someone just asks to hold your hand…

What can I say, I’m a daddy’s girl. And if there are three things I know, it’s that I could never do anything to make him stop loving me, that he would turn the world upside down to find me, and that if he had to die for me, again, he’d breathe his last breath with my name on his lips, a curled smile forming on his mouth as he pictures my face beaming up at him, because he loves me that much