Young & Youthful


Just musing over my life over the last few months. I think we let who we were previously intimidate who we are presently. I realized that I’ve had this image of myself that I think other people have too but now I realize that I’m wrong. I’ve been carrying social baggage–good and bad–from college and it’s really affected how I see myself. Like I assume people I meet now know about who I was then and am judging based on that knowledge. But really all they have is what I tell them and who I choose to be today. If they want, they could find out a lot about who I was then through social media and whatnot but they never will really know who I was because they didn’t know me then. All they have to make sense of who I am today and where I’ve come from is what I tell them. People assume you are much better and capable than you do. I don’t feel really accomplished at all but people will randomly validate something as a success when I thought it was a total, obvious, and embarrassing failure. So we are who we choose to be, and when it’s all said and done, everyone feels like they’re failing at something, doubts themselves, and compares themselves to others at some point. But we are our harshest critics really. Don’t feel down about your life. You’re where you are for a reason, so remember to live like it.