Leem & J. Mango’s List of 32 Happy Things:


  1. Wearing cozy sweaters
  2. Watching TV with your mom 
  3. Sharing ice cream with someone nice
  4. Swimming in the ocean 
  5. Having hands in your hair (yours or someone elses’)
  6. Being in the sunshine 
  7. Taking a hot shower after a long day 
  8. A good nap after a good cry 
  9. Going to a great concert
  10. Road trips with friends 
  11. Knowing all the lyrics (finally)
  12. Rubbing a puppy’s belly
  13. Binge watching Netflix on a Saturday night 
  14. Listening to your audiobooks with the windows down
  15. Getting to the good part of a book
  16. Eating something unexpectedly tasty
  17. Drinking coconut water 
  18. Playing a game on your iPhone while taking a 💩
  19. Reading super relevant quotes just in time
  20. Watching afternoon judge shows that make your life feel wholesome 
  21. Writing cards for people
  22. Reading cards from people 
  23. Smoothies 
  24. Avocado anything
  25. Sleepovers 
  26. Getting good gifts 
  27. Awesome massages  
  28. Free food
  29. Wheatfield sunsets 
  30. Rock climbing 
  31. Doing what’s right in your heart
  32. And always listening to it ❤️