When Blessings Don’t “Bless”


Some people think that I wear my hair in an Afro as a political statement or as a form of protest, but it’s just freedom for me.

Since I started fifth grade I was teased for my hair. From hearing that it looked like poop that it smelled like it, I was embarrassed that it was so curly. And all over the place. And untamable. And inconsistent. So, to blend in, I straightened my hair–so much that it started to break off and fall out.

It wasn’t until I lost half of my length that I started to think that maybe it was everyone else who was wrong. Not me, not God, but random people that I let change my view of who I already was.

Now, I roll out of bed and fluff my hair with water. It just sucks though because I’m not the only one.

So often we let people, who don’t have what we have, take gifts away from us. Anything like music or painting or soccer or poetry or your hair or your major or your dream or your passion… It’s easy for people to talk you down without realizing that, 9 times out of 10, they’re actually talking down to themselves.

Be awesome and blessed and do you cause that’s more than good enough