The Myers-Briggs 10 Second Test

Now that you’ve bossed-up and gone to skill level 9 on Myers-Briggs testing, you can easily eyeball someone’s personality type in ten seconds or less by giving them a quick, mental assessment.


The two out side letters of your Myers-Briggs test (ex: E _ _ P) tell how someone sees and acts in their outside, or external, world. These will be the two easiest letters to place first because these actions are readily visible.


The middle letters are more complex because they deal with the persons’ internal world. For this part, you will have to know the person better than just as a casual acquaintance, because it requires you to analyze how they think.


1. The quickest question to answer first is whether the person that you’re typing is an Introverted (I) or Extroverted (E). You can easily tell this by how they act at a party or around a large group of people. And, BAM! Immediately you went from having 16 options to only having 8.


2. The second question that’s is whether they’re planners (J) or dreamers (P). If your not sure, ask yourself how this person handles assignments, homework, or planning a trip. If they have a list for everything, they’re probably a (J); if they’re 9 times out of 10 a hot mess, probably a (P).


3. The third part is asking whether they rely on concrete information, such as things they can actually touch and see, to make decisions (S) or if they use their imaginations and future projections (N) to make a choice for today.


4. Lastly, ask yourself whether they are more likely to use facts, data and analysis to thinking through a decision (T), or are more likely to use their gut to do so (F).


And Wha-la! An entire personality test that normally takes ten minutes is done in ten seconds.


Go forth, and blow the minds of your friends to pieces.