Pledging Allegiance


“I pledge allegiance
to the flag
striped with the blood from my forefathers’ backs…
And to their shoulders,
on which we stand,
Strong foundation,
under God,
But with liberty and justice
for the majority…”

Cause the census
That made us senseless
has been in effect for three hundred years
Uncles tom, ruckus, and sam
Cheering from the stands
Black people picking cotton
Medicine bottles –
Trying to fossil
Lungs with tobacco
Chronic pain
Medicated by chronic gain-
But who can afford food for thought
When food stamps amount to less than three dollars a day,
Even Starbucks lattes are 4.95

Country’s hidden mutation,-
Republicans try to buy our education
As if that’ll atone for Brown vs. The Board
Root for the underdog
As long as he stays under
Cause the darker the berry,
The sweeter the juice,
But white stains too easily
So like tide we bleach

Cause there’s a black man
In the white house,
But there’s no black man
In the black home-
Mothers firing their own warning shots, trying to teach their sons never to stand, let Alone rise up,
And daughters learning to be the first to lie down and the last to get up

Government promoting slave mentality
Subliminal abuse
Pursuit of happiness ahead
Tanks right behind
What path will you chose,
Star Strangled banner around our necks like noose

Constitutional wrongs outweighing the bill of rights
Beheadings heading headlines faster than journalists can die
Gun shots ringin
National anthem part two
Isis, let them live!
How many mothers have son-less homes
How many more modern lynchings  will we see
Television screens like the modern day tree
White men going free
Mothers of liberty
Wearing red to their sons funerals
Innocent blood shed
Pilate, wash your hands!
What color will the water be
Red white blue
depends on who’s guilty
Guilt-free consciouses latching onto the American pie
Our slices too thin to fortify
It’s anorexic
And our only rehab is prison and welfare
Fare well to arms
Police waving riffles
Like it’s 1969,
Black mothers with children, stay in your cars
pull over for none
Cause I heard that a cross once burned can inflame hearts and minds three generations removed
Like 3/5s was never proved
Nigga, what animal are you?
Who let you into school?
And what is it that you’re pledging to?